Putin thanks Trump for averting terrorist attack in Russia

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked US President Donald Trump as CIA helped Russia to thwart terror attack in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. Though tensions between the two countries have escalated further over Iran, North Korea, Syria and other issues, Russian President relayed thanks to President Trump by speaking to him on the phone. A few hours before this, Russian President had also proposed to cooperate with the United States in Afghanistan.

Putin thanks TrumpKremlin had released information that the Russian President communicated with the US President on a phone call on Monday. “Russian President thanked US President Trump for the information that ‘CIA’ provided which helped to detain the terrorists and to thwart terror attack plan on synagogues and other crowded sites in St. Petersburg”, said the Kremlin. The Russian President assured that if the US and its people are threatened by the terrorists in future, the Russian agencies too will provide any information of such sort.

Also, President Putin told the US President to convey goodwill to the CIA director Mike Pompeo by saying that the information that CIA provided was sufficient to find terrorists and detain them. The White House has welcomed this response from the Russian President and added that Also the information provided by CIA prevented loss of lives. The White House stated that it served as an example of what could happen if the US and Russia work jointly against terrorism.

Last Friday, the Russian Defense System ‘FSB’ arrested seven terrorists linked to the ISIS. These terrorists had plotted a major sabotage on 16 December in St. Petersburg. Large number of explosives, rifles and other stocks were seized in the raid. The CIA had relayed information about this potential terror attack and these suspects to Russia’s FSB.

Last week, Russian Defense officials had warned of potential terror attack on the background of Football World cup and elections in Russia. owing to which the Russian Defense agency had issued an alert. 

In the meanwhile, Russian President and the US President has spoken on phone for the second time. At the same time, it is seen that the Russian President has offered a helping hand to the US in their conflict for anti-terrorism in Afghanistan.

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