US East Coast to come under Russian Nuke range

Russia is in the process of creating very powerful nuclear weapons, whose capacity would be such that the nukes dropped by US on Hiroshima and Nagasaki would be small toys in its comparison. Washington D.C, the capital of US as well as other important cities in Eastern US would come under the range of this powerful missile, whose range is up to 10,000 kms. This was disclosed by the Russian Government. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov also warned that if US tried to enforce financial sanctions on Russia, they will get a befitting reply. This indicates that the chances of resolution of the conflict between US and Russia are very dim, with both countries issuing stern warnings to each other.


US East Coast to come under Russian Nuke range

Russian Ministry of Defence website had published information about the new ‘Missile system’ on Monday. A digital image of ‘RS-28 Sarmat’ was also published with it. It said that according to Russian Government’s order to its Defence Ministry in 2010 and as per the plans approved in 2012-13, production of ‘Sarmat’ missile has already started. It also added that this missile would be a valuable addition to Russia’s atomic power and would also increase its strategic importance.

The ‘Sarmat’ missile, which is in the production phase right now will be handed over to Russian military by 2020. Military experts claim that France, London and the East as well as West coast of US would come within the range of this missile, which cannot be intercepted by radar. They say that the ‘RS-28 Sarmat’ can destroy entire  France or the US state of Texas. Currently the missile testing is being conducted near the Russian city of Miyas.

It is said that Russia is the country having largest number of nukes. Of these, ‘SS-18’ is said to be the most destructive one. NATO is also wary of Russia’s nukes. SS-18 can carry nuclear warheads with payloads upto 20,000 kilotons i.e. capacity over 1000 times more than ‘Little Boy’, which was used for the attack on Nagasaki.

US East Coast to come under Russian Nuke range

Various US cities such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Jacksonville would come under the range of this missile. It is said that the area destroyed by such a nuclear strike will be completely wiped off for thousands of years. This makes ‘SS-18’ the most destructive nuke and Russia has 55 of them. ‘Sarmat’ is said to be the later version of ‘SS-18’, which in itself indicates the strength of ‘Sarmat’.

Relations between Russia and US are said to have become worse than the times of the Cold war. German Foreign Minister had also expressed his fear saying that the strain between these two nations may even lead to a new conflict. It is believed that conflict in Syria and US sanctions on Russia over Ukraine has caused this. US is trying to increase the sanctions on Russia, however Russia has warned that the Western countries will have to pay a price if at all this happens.

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