US-Russian Space race could lead to another Cold War

Moscow/Washington 23 June, 2106; Agencies – After the power change and conflict in Ukraine, a warning is being given again and again that cold war has resurfaced between Russia and the Western countries. But now this war is not only limited to earth but its effects are also seen out of earth- in the outer space. Russia has decided to reveal information about all satellites active in space, which also includes military satellites of US and its allies. Russia has decided to garner support from United Nation for this.


syria-russia-Few days ago in Vietnam, a conference on “UN Committee on the peaceful uses of outer space was conducted. At this conference Russia suggested a plan to reveal  compiled information of all space satellites. As per this plan every country intending to launch their satellites in space has to submit relevant information pertaining to such launching to UN office. This information will be available to all countries which have an active space research program.

Currently, it is believed that “North NG American Aerospace Defense” Command (NORAD) has information of all satellites in space. But ‘NORAD’ refused to reveal military satellites information of US and allied countries. At the same time ‘NORAD’ published all the data of military satellites of Russia. Russia, China and some other countries asked US & allied countries to give information about their military satellites, to which, US and their allies never responded.

To counter this, Russia itself decided to reveal military satellites information of US & allied countries. This action from Russia is likey to evoke strong reaction from US and it’s allies. Few days ago, Russia’s “Altay Optical Laser Center” has spied on US’s “Lacrosse Radar Reconnaissance Satellite” and published its information. Russia claimed that they have most developed network which can detect satellites and other objects in space.

As per the current information there are 75 Russian and 35 Chinese military satellites active in space. Even though US had not given information about US & allied nations satellites but it is assumed that there are about 149 military and reconnaissance satellites available in space. Among US allied countries 9 of Israel, 8 of France and 7 each of Britain and Germany’s military satellites are active in space.

Last year one of Russia officer claimed that military satellites of few countries are roaming in space as a junk. But refused to give more information related to this. But now Russia has decided to publish information about military satellites which is going to be a shock to US & allied countries.

In future there would be a race for hunting minerals in space, therefore, the reason behind’s Russia’s zeal for a transparent satellite movement in space.

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