Russia deploys troops near US border

Moscow/ Washington : Preparing to deploy a full military division just 85 kilometers from the US border, Russia has decided to go tit for tat against US who, under the leadership of the NATO, had conducted war exercises near the Russian border. The Russion Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu has confirmed this. He said that Russia would be setting up a Coastal Defense Division in the Chukotka region near the US state of Alaska .


Russia deploys troops near US border

After the Ukrainian conflict, the NATO and the US have started deploying additional  troops near the western border of Russia, raising  the issue of the security of the European countries. Fighter planes, anti-missile systems, advanced missiles, tankers, military vehicles, war ships have started arriving in the Baltic countries alongside the Russian borders apart from Poland and Romania. Expressing strong disapproval of this movement on the part of the US and of the NATO,  Russia has stepped up the military deployment in these areas.

Russia has deployed ultra modern defense systems and thousands of additional soldiers at its western border as a retaliation against the NATO and the US deployment. Russia is also taking steps to create a new military base. Moreover Russia has also accelerated troop deployment in the Arctic region with the intention of daunting the US and European nations. Over the past few years, Russia has been deploying troops to the Arctic region and has indicated that it would be able to start a new and independent military base by the year 2020.

Russia deploys troops near US border

Along with the Arctic, Russia has escalated the military activities in Siberia, in the far east. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin whilst announcing the modernization program of the defense forces had given indications of necessary deployment at all the Russian borders. The new ‘Coastal Defense Division’ is part of this program. 

The new division will start functioning at Chukotka in the far east, 2018 being the targeted for the launch of operations.. This division is being raised to guard the coastal region of Russia from the Arctic in the north to the Primorye territory in the south.

The Defense Minister  stated that this new division will have an important role in overseeing the security of Kuril island, Bering strait as well as the deployment of the Pacific fleet to the far east and to the north. The Coastal Defense Division will also be useful to enhance the military capacities of the  ‘Strategic Nuclear Forces’ of the Russian Navy, indicated Shoigu.

US has two very important and well equipped defense bases – Elmendorf and Fort Richardson in the Alsakan region. The ‘F-22 Raptor’, the very advanced fighter aircraft and similar sophisticated defense systems have been stationed in these air bases. It has been found that the US is using these bases to keep a watch on Russian air patrol and surveillance in the far eastern region. However, the Russian military analysts opine that with the establishment of the new Coastal Defense Division the movements of the US military planes will be restricted. It is being said that Russia could also install the Iskander Ballastic Missile System in the Chukotka region.

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