Pakistan will go to any extent for Kashmir, threatens Pakistan military

Islamabad: There are major upheavals in Pakistan after the Rajya Sabha passed the constitutional amendment to repeal Article 370, withdrawing the special status awarded to Jammu-Kashmir. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing severe criticism, and along with the opposition leaders even the Pakistan media and analysts have castigated Imran Khan. It was reported that there was a commotion, on this issue, in the parliamentary session held on Wednesday. Amid this chaos at the political level, the Pakistan military has threatened to go to any extent for Kashmir.


The criticism showered was ‘Imran Khan was roaming around in a stupor after President Trump promised to mediate in the Kashmir issue. Taking advantage of this, the Indian government withdrew the special status awarded to Kashmir.’

Pakistan will go to any extent for KashmirMariam Nawaz, the leader of opposition in Pakistan, criticised that this situation would not have come if Imran Khan was cautious. The extremist analysts from Pakistan also are accusing the Imran Khan government of incompetence. The extremist analysts are demanding that at least now, Pakistan should give a fitting reply to India.

Against the background of this pressure, the Pakistan government had to face vitriolic criticism from the opposition leaders, during the joint session of parliament on Wednesday. The Pakistan cabinet ministers expressed regret that an inappropriate message has been delivered to the world. But Imran Khan who arrived late at the session, made allegations against India, in his speech. He accused India of showering atrocities on the people of Kashmir. Imran Khan said that Pakistan would stand against this and announced that an international campaign would be started against the decision.

Pakistan will go to any extent for KashmirThe Pakistan military held a meeting of the core commanders to discuss the scenario created by the Indian decision. The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said that Pakistan would go to any extent for Kashmir. But Pakistan minister for science and technology has delivered a message to be prepared for a war against India. Meanwhile, the Pakistani analysts have expressed concerns that India, who made Jammu and Kashmir a Union territory today, will start its campaign to regain Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

Therefore, the Pakistani analysts claimed that there is a need to formulate a comprehensive plan to counter the Indian moves aggressively. As per these analysts, the efforts at the political level are as important as the military preparedness. But some extremists rabid with hatred for India have demanded a direct attack on the Line of Control in Kashmir. As per these extremists, in this scenario, there will be a limited war and the international community will have to intervene to stop the war between the two nuclear nations.

The extremists are arguing that thereafter, India can be forced to withdraw its decision, using international pressure. But the sane analysts are trying to explain that taking into account the discrepancy in the military strengths of India and Pakistan, the Kashmir issue cannot be resolved by Pakistan on the basis on military strength. As per these analysts, Pakistan would have resolved the Kashmir issue a long time ago, if the use of military strength was a viable option.

Annex Gilgit-Baltistan to Ladakh and include it in India, appeal voluntary workers from Pok

The voluntary workers from Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, have made a compassionate appeal to India, who withdrew the special status of Ladakh along with Jammu-Kashmir, not to forget the region. The workers have said that they are also a part of Kashmir and they want to be part of India. A video with this request to the Indian Union Home Minister has been posted on social media. The name of the worker making this appeal is said to be Seng A. Sering.

Gilgit-Baltistan is a part of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (Pok). The people here are facing atrocities by Pakistan, and they have even been denied their fundamental rights. Since the last few years, there is an anti-Pakistan atmosphere in the region and processions denouncing Pakistan are a regular feature. Some of these processions even carry an Indian flag.

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