UNSC strongly condemns the horrific Pulwama terror attack, cornering the China-Pak hindrance; signifies massive political victory for India

United Nations: The United Nations Security Council has strongly condemned the Pakistan-aided Pulwama terror attack after seven days from its occurrence. It took a period of seven long days to register the protest due to China’s hindrance. However, the explicit mention of the ‘Jaish-e-Mohammad’ terror chief, Maulana Masood Azhar, when the UN denounced the attack proves to be a massive victory for India. The Pakistani Ambassador to the UN, Maleeha Lodhi is said to have pulled many connections to stop the resolution from passing. Even so, the resolution was passed despite Pakistan and China’s painstaking efforts to stop it.


Pulwama-terror-attackThe Indian Ambassador to the UN, Syed Akbaruddin has welcomed the resolution. All the 15 members of the UN Security Council (UNSC), including China backed the decision. Earlier, China had made efforts to get the bill rejected so that it does not involve terrorism or include the names of ‘Jaish’ or ‘Azhar’. Moreover, it also presented some technical arguments to postpone the bill.

The Pakistani Ambassador to the UN, Maleeha Lodhi had met with the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres and made strenuous efforts to get the bill rejected. India had appealed for presenting the proposal using aggressive language, and it had received complete backing from the US, France and the UK. It had displeased China, and thus, they had tried a tact against it. Nevertheless, the US, France and the UK took an aggressive stance over it and received approval for the bill in the form it had been presented. China had no choice but to accept the resolution due to the aggressive stand taken by all the nations in its favour. It marks a massive political victory for India.

Previously, China had rejected the proposal presented by India and other countries against Maulana Masood Azhar, using its power of veto. The state, however, avoided taking any such action considering the fuming responses of the Indian populace. China has nonetheless tried to oppose the proposal in its full capacity affirming its friendship with Pakistan.

The UNSC condemned all sorts of terrorism while expressing their vituperation against the offensive Pulwama terror attack. Moreover, the UNSC also insisted that all the countries must actively support India to fight against terrorism. At the same time, it also expressed that all the related agencies must co-operate in an attempt to punish the terrorists responsible behind the Pulwama attack and thus, sent a strong warning to Pakistan through the resolution.

The proposal of UNSC, unanimously agreed upon proves India’s rising global influence. It is not just a matter of concern for Pakistan but the fact that the US, France and the UK has offered backing for India, along with the assurance of assistance from other nations as well right from Israel to Iran for them after the Phulwama terror attack, raises immense pressure over Pakistan. Furthermore, Afghanistan has also strongly condemned Pakistan’s state-sponsored terror policy after the attack thereby, leaving Pakistan cornered at the international level.

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