India’s fitting replies to questions posed by Pakistan in the UN General Assembly

United Nations/New Delhi: After the Indian Foreign Minister castigated Pakistan in her speech in the UN General Assembly, Pakistan made allegations of terrorism against India. The Pakistani Foreign Minister alleged that India had a hand in the terror attack on the military school in Peshawar. Indian diplomats fittingly answered the accusation levelled by the Pakistani Foreign Minister and said that this was an insult to the victims of the Peshawar terror attack.


UN-General-AssemblyPakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi made a miserable effort to save his country by slinging mud at India. Qureshi alleged an Indian hand in the 2014 terror attack on the military school in Peshawar. He also kept harping upon the accusation of murder of human rights by India in Jammu-Kashmir. The Indian diplomatic officials in the United Nations busted the strategy of the Pakistani Foreign Minister of avoiding a reply to the allegations of supporting terrorism levelled on Pakistan by Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, and trying to deface India instead.

Indian Diplomat Eenam Gambhir gave a cutting reply to the Pakistani allegations using the ‘Right to Reply’. Pakistan has a new government and the slogans of ‘Naya Pakistan’ are being shouted. There is nothing new every thing remains the same, criticised Gambhir. She further said that the allegation of Indian hand in the Peshawar terror attack is baseless and the biggest insult to the victims of the attack.

The terrorists trained by Pakistan for saboteur activities in other countries have turned against it. Hence, Pakistan is refusing a stern action against these terrorists. But the fact has revealed to the world. Pakistan is raising the human rights issue, but there have been glaring examples of murdering human rights reported from Pakistan itself. Only a few days ago, Prime Minister Imran Khan has appointed a financial advisor from the minority community, but he was forced to cancel the appointment. Saying that the situation in Pakistan was so grim, Gambhir exposed the Pakistani double standards. Gambhir also pointed out that no other country has responded to the Pakistani allegations.

“Pakistan is making false allegations and producing fake evidence regarding the allegations which exposes its dishonesty before the world,” said Gambhir to dismiss the Pakistani allegations. Meanwhile, as the political skirmish between India and Pakistan continued in the United Nations, it was revealed that a Pakistani helicopter entered the Indian airspace in Jammu-Kashmir. The Indian army fired at the helicopter. As per the initial information received, the Pakistani Prime Minister was said to be travelling in the helicopter. But later it was clarified that it was the Prime Minister of the Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir who was travelling.

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