The liberal media in the United States is conspiring to start a civil war in the Republican party, accuses former US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley

Washington: – Former US Ambassador to the UN and a main leader, Nikki Haley, accused that the liberal media in the United States is conspiring to start a civil war in the Republican party. The conspiracy is being planned to create a dispute among the people with traditional ideology. Haley warned that everyone is being instigated to take a stand for or against former President Donald Trump. A few days ago, Nikki Haley had expressed displeasure against President Trump regarding the Capitol Hill violence on the 6th of January and the events before that. Nikki Haley, who has served as the Governor of the South Carolina state, is a known supporter of former President Trump. Haley had supported all the decisions by President Trump regarding the issues like China, as well as foreign policy, economy and border security. Haley had even campaigned for former President Trump during the presidential elections.   

Haley had even supported the claims made by Trump regarding the malpractices in voting. Simultaneously, while firing a salvo of criticism on Biden, she had warned that the hypocritical people with leftist ideology would take over the United States. Against this background, it becomes significant that she targeted the liberal media in the United States in her article written for the leading daily like the Wall Street Journal.  Haley criticised, ‘The liberal media in the United States is forwarding former President Trump’s name and asking them to choose their side. Demand is being made either to like or dislike everything pertaining to former President Trump. As soon as someone with the rightist ideology speaks against Trump, the media act like fanatics. This is a planned campaign. This is a plan to pose the supporters of traditional ideology against each other. ‘   

The former US Ambassador to the UN claimed that cognisance has to be taken of the decisions taken by former President Trump during his tenure. She praised former President Trump saying that he tried to rock the corrupt situation and agencies in Washington. Haley also claimed that the impeachment motion against him was a waste of time. Simultaneously, saying that the criticism against Trump regarding the developments on the 6th of January was not wrong, Haley said she would not support what is not correct.

The media is claiming that the statements and stands by Nikki Haley since the last few months indicate that she is preparing to run for President in the 2024 elections. 

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