US-China relations have hit rock bottom, Chinese Foreign Minister  

Beijing/Washington: – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi claimed that the first time since 1979, when the United States and China established diplomatic relationship, the US-China relations have reached the rock bottom. The Chinese Foreign Minister indicated a defensive stand saying that China never had the intention to Challenge, replace it as the superpower or to get into a conflict with the United States. It has been revealed that the Chinese Foreign Minister made this statement at a function participated by study groups from China, as well as the United States. As per information, former US Secretary of State and senior statesman, Henri Kissinger, was also present at the function. 

US President Donald Trump has sharpened the edge of the anti-China conflict, against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. President Trump and leaders and officials from the administration are consistently targeting China. The US Congress and other important departments have taken many decisions rocking China. The United States has made many of its allies a party to the Anti-China campaign. Efforts are on to corner China over issues like the South China Sea, Hongkong and the Uyghur people.  

The statements of the Chinese Minister indicate that China, once speaking and aggressive language of a fitting retaliation, has gotten worn out. A few weeks ago, Chinese Prime Minister Lee Keqiang had indicated that China was keen on signing a trade agreement with the United States. Last month senior Chinese leader Yang Jiechi, held a meeting with the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, in the Hawaiian Islands. Thereafter, the Chinese Foreign Minister has expressed a stand that China is desirous of peaceful cooperation with the United States and not conflict.  

Foreign Minister Wang Yi suggested that it is necessary that both the United States and China simultaneously take the initiative for the cooperation and will have to stress on three issues. Yi said that these include issues where US-China cooperation is possible and other issues which need to be discussed. Saying that concurrence is not possible on a few issues, the Chinese Foreign Minister indicated that the tension between the United States and China is not going to end.   

Some of the Analysts and leaders are claiming that a new cold war has started between the United States and China, against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. In this scenario, confession by the Chinese Foreign Minister that the US-China relations have hit rock bottom, becomes significant. 

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