US assists India to keep a watch on China, claims senior US official

Washington: – 50,000 soldiers from India and China are involved in a faceoff, on the Line of Actual Control, in Ladakh. Against this background, reigning between the two countries, reports are being received that the United States assists India. General Kenneth Wilsbach, the Commander of the Asia Pacific Air Force of the United States, claimed that the United States is helping India keep a tab on Chinese movements. General Wilsbach said that this could become possible due to the BECA agreement signed between the two countries.  

china-us-india-23-decA few months ago, India and the United States signed the Basic Exchange Cooperation Agreement (BECA). According to this agreement, both the countries can share necessary confidential and sensitive information. This agreement has also made it possible for both the countries to provide the assistance required from the security point of view. This agreement is crucial in developing defence cooperation between India and the United States, as both countries can share extremely sensitive information. Therefore, the Indian defence forces can get precise information and state of the approaching enemy. This makes it very easy for the Indian defence forces to launch precise attacks and neutralise the enemy threat.   

General Wilsbach made this revelation that BECA has been activated, saying that the United States is providing such information to India. In November, he had made a very suggestive statement in this respect. Now it is a known fact. Therefore, it is clear that the United States is actively assisting India. Even in the past, US President Trump had given clear indications that the United States is standing firm behind India. Other US leaders and military officials also are repeatedly saying that their country is standing with India.   

Indications are that the Indian side has been further strengthened with this US assistance. This becomes a major cause of concern for China. China had threatened that it would make India fight a war on both the borders by involving Pakistan. Despite this, India took a strong stand in the border dispute, without paying heed to the Chinese threat. Repercussions of this are being felt even in Pakistan. The military analysts in Pakistan are warning that Pakistan will have to face severe consequences of the US assistance to India. 

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