New nuke deployed in US defence forces, reports Pentagon  

Third World WarWashington: Pentagon informed that a new Nuclear weapon has been deployed in the US defence forces. John Rudd, a senior Pentagon official, claimed that this nuclear weapon would foil the Russian plan to start a limited nuclear war against the United States. Two years ago, Nuclear Posture Review was published under the leadership of US President Donald Trump. This new nuclear weapon is considered to be a part of the implementation of this Nuclear Posture Review.  

John Rudd, serving as the Undersecretary (Policy) in the US defence department, revealed information regarding the new nuclear weapon while talking to a news agency. John Rudd informed regarding the deployment of the new missile saying ‘The new missile is named W76-2 and this is a low yield missile. The United States is committed to the safety of its allies and this missile will prove vital for that. The nuclear weapon will rock any adversaries who think that a limited nuclear war can be started with the United States and it will prove beneficial. Because now the United States is prepared to counter any threats decisively.’  

Rudd also said that the new missile has been deployed on a submarine, but did not elaborate further. But the group ‘Federation of American Scientists’ claimed that the new nuclear weapon was deployed on the submarine USS Tennessee of the Ohio class. It was also claimed that this submarine is currently deployed in the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time, it was said that the capacity of W76-2 is about 5 Kilotons.   

In 2018, the United States published the Nuclear Posture Review, indicating a major increase in the nuclear capabilities of the United States. There was the mention of the Tactical Nuclear Weapon being rapidly manufactured by Russia. At the same time, it was clarified that the United States was going to increase its nuclear capabilities and development of nuclear weapons launchable from the surface, air and water will continue.  

After the Nuclear Posture Review, President Trump announced a policy suggesting major increase in the nuclear capabilities of the United States. There was a provision of $1.2 trillion for nuclear weapons. $800 billion out of these were earmarked for the maintenance of the existing nuclear weapons and $400 billion was to be spent on modernisation of these nuclear weapons. Within a few months, following the Trump announcement, the United States announced testing B61-12 Gravity Nuclear Bomb, more destructive than an atomic bomb.  

Thereafter, in 2019 the United States decided to withdraw from the INF treaty with Russia. The United States had accused that Russia is developing missiles in violation of the treaty. Thereafter, the United States conducted tests of advanced missiles, clearly indicating that the aggressive policy against Russia continues. 

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