Iranian activities violating the nuclear deal will not be tolerated, Germany lashes out at Iran

Berlin/Paris/Tehran: – Germany warned Iran that the Iranian activities of violating the 2015 nuclear deal and threatening to ban the entry of International Atomic Energy Agency observers (IAEA) into its nuclear projects would not be tolerated. German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her displeasure over the telephone call made to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Soon, British, French and US Foreign Ministers, along with Germany, will be holding talks regarding Iran. Meanwhile, the European analysts claim that these discussions among the western countries and warnings will not affect the Iranian nuclear program. 


iran-deal-germanyA week ago, Iran announced the development of Uranium metal. Military analysts warned that this step takes Iran one step closer to the nuclear bomb. In that, Iran gave a deadline of 21st February to the Biden administration. Iran announced that if its demands are not met, it will ban the entry of the IAEA observers in the Iranian nuclear projects. Its repercussions are being felt on the international level, and till now, Germany supporting Iran on the nuclear deal has reprimanded Iran. German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed regret during the telephonic discussion with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that Iran is failing to abide by the nuclear deal’s terms. Germany published that Merkel also said that this is Iran’s opportunity to resolve the issue through political discussions. Germany reprimanded Iran, which threatened to ban the entry of the IAEA observers in the Iranian nuclear projects. 

A meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France is scheduled to be held to discuss Iran, which is violating the nuclear deal for the last few weeks. It is being said that the discussions will be centred around salvaging the Iran nuclear deal. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced only a few hours ago that the path for political talks with Iran is open. But the Iranian supremo, Ayatollah Khamenei, warned that there is an expectation of action and not words from the United States. Meanwhile, while the Foreign Ministers of US and European countries are preparing for discussions, Iran has announced installing two cascades of advanced IR-2M centrifuges in the Natanz nuclear project. At the same time, Iran has claimed that it will not bow in front of the pressure exerted by the United States and European countries. 

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