Israel planning to launch attacks on US soldiers to spark war against Iran: Iranian Foreign Minister

Tehran/Jerusalem: Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif threatened, ‘Israeli agents are preparing for an attack on the US soldiers in Iraq. Israel will blame Iran for this attack and provide the necessary excuse to US President Donald Trump to launch an attack on Iran. President Trump should be cautious of this trap, as attacks on Iran will prove more dangerous for the US allies.’ Whereas, Israel has dismissed the accusations made by the Iranian Foreign Minister as laughable.   

iran-israel-usFor the last few days, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif is firing rounds of accusations on Israel and the United States over the social media. Zarif accused that US President Donald Trump will launch an attack against Iran before the end of his tenure and will orchestrate sabotage to create an excuse. But this time, Zarif has directly accused that Israel was preparing for such an attack. Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz dismissed the Iranian accusations. However, Steinitz said that Israel is taking serious note of Zarif’s warning at the end of the allegations. 

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