Saudi supports Trump’s Safe zone plan in Syria and Yemen

Riyadh/Washington DC: Saudi Arabia and most of the other Arab nations have backed US President Donald Trump’s proposal to create a ‘Safe zone’ for refugees from Syria and Yemen on their own land. The announcement was made after a discussion between the US President Trump and Saudi leader King Salman. Other ongoing issues such as war against ISIS and uncertainty in the region due to Iran were also discussed, as declared by governments of both countries.

Saudi supports Trump’s Safe zone plan in Syria and Yemen

US President Donald Trump’s proposal of building a ‘safe zone’ for Syrian refugees has come after USA’s support to Russia in the war against ISIS. President Trump had a phone call with King Salman over this. According to a report published by the White House, this phone call lasted for more than an hour. The topic of ‘safe zone’ in Syria and Yemen was the main point of discussion.

In addition to building the ‘safe zone’, the White House stated that Saudi King Salman also agreed to provide necessary help to refugees. A news agency closely attached to the Saudi government added that the two leaders discussed of strengthening co-operation between the two countries as well. Sources claim that Saudi’s participation in the US-supported war against terrorism in Syria and Iraq may increase after this conversation.

During his presidential campaign, Trump had said that after being elected as the President he would make an appeal to the Arab nations to create a ‘safe zone’ in Syria. He had also said that he would make a proposition to the Middle East countries to build as well as financially support the safe zone; in turn stopping the refugees from travelling to US and Europe.

Accordingly Trump seems to have proposed the ‘Safe zone’ plan to Saudi’s King Salman. Trump has also had a discussion with another country from Mid-east i.e. UAE (United Arab Emirates), which has also supported Trump in the matter. King Abdullah II of Jordan has also declared his full support on US war against terrorism. King Abdullah II said that he is soon going to have a discussion with President Trump in this regard.

In addition to the topic of ‘safe zone’, President Trump and King Salman also discussed about Iran. Saudi expressed concern over Iran supporters from Syria and Yemen taking help of Hezbollah and Houthi rebels. According to an international news agency, Saudi also asked Trump government to take stern action over Iran’s increasing aggression. The US President’s response on this is not yet known. However before being elected as the president, Donald Trump had taken the stance of proclaiming Iran as a dangerous country and had also opposed USA’s nuclear deal with Iran.

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