US President announces military deployment in the Middle East, Iran reacts

Third World WarWashington/Tehran: US President Donald Trump announced ‘I don’t think that Iran wants a war. Iran does not want a war against the United States. Despite it, this deployment of 1,500 soldiers is being made in the Middle East, for the security of the region. While the United States is deploying soldiers in the Middle East, Iran has warned that it has a secret weapon to sink the US warships, deployed in the Persian Gulf. At the same time, the Iranian leaders and officials are passing a verdict that there is no major threat to Iran.


Since the last few weeks, the United States has increased its military deployment in the Middle East, targeting Iran. US warships have reached the Persian Gulf, and missile defence systems and bombers have also been deployed on the bases, in the Gulf. Following that, reports were published that the United States will be deploying 120 thousand soldiers in the Middle East. President Trump had rubbished the reports. But President Trump had clarified, at the same time, that if there is a need, the United States is prepared to deploy more soldiers than claimed in the reports.

us, military deployment, middle east, iranAgainst this background, the US President revealed this information, regarding the deployment of 1,500 soldiers. President Trump, at this time, said that this cannot be termed as an act of aggression and this indeed does not become a preparation of an attack on Iran. While claiming that Iran will not be interested in going to war against the United States, he claimed that the deployment of 1,500 soldiers was for security. Trump added that this is not a very big deployment. But it seems that Iran has taken a serious note of the deployment.

The Iranian military officials and leaders have concluded that the United States does not dare to attack Iran. General Morteza Qorbani of the Iranian military, said that if the United States dared to attack Iran, there is a secret weapon available with Iran, to sink the US warships in the Middle East. Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif, currently on a visit to Pakistan, strongly criticised the US President. He made several remarks while stating that the US deployment against Iran will have no effects.

Zarif retorted that Iran will be able to see the end of President Trump, but the contrary is not possible. Other leaders and officials in Iran also are showering similar criticism, on the United States. At the same time, the Iranian leaders and officials have consistently stated that Iran will not start a war. Currently, Iran is going through a major economic crisis. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned that the crisis can worsen in the future. The Iranian President had expressed confidence that the Iranian people will face the crisis with courage and will finally tide over the crisis. But the fact is that the Iranian people are harassed because of the US sanctions.

In view of this, the atmosphere is heating up against the Iranian government. Iranian supreme religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei also had made crushing criticism that threats against Iran increased because of the wrong policies adopted by the Hassan Rouhani government. Therefore, it is apparent that the political and social unrest in on the rise in Iran, because of the economic pressures of the US sanctions.

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