Nepali people raise ‘go back’ slogans against Chinese workers defying lockdown  

Kathmandu: The Novel Coronavirus has spread to almost all countries in the world, and intense anger is being spewed at China, the place of the pandemic’s origin. The eruption of such anger directed towards China was seen even in Nepal. The Nepali citizens raised ‘go back’ slogans against the Chinese citizens, working in the country on a hydropower project. At the time, clashes erupted between the Chinese workers and Nepali people.  

A Chinese company is constructing the Nyadi Hydropower Project in the Lamjung district of Nepal. Many of the Chinese citizens working on the project have recently returned from China. Local citizens are, therefore, displeased and worried.   

A lockdown was imposed in Nepal to contain the spread of the new Coronavirus. The villages located near the project, have closed entry to any outsiders for avoiding the spread of viral infection in the area. A significant number of blockages were put in place in these villages to prevent movement. Nevertheless, two trucks carrying materials for the hydropower project tried to enter the town, removing the blockage. The local administration opposed the move. Even so, the Chinese workers cut through the barb wires installed in the villages, enraging the locals, who have now begun denouncing the move.   

During the clashes, the Chinese nationals threatened the locals with weapons. They used daggers for terrorising the locals. Locals were thus infuriated with the move, and a fight ensued between the two groups, the Nepali media reported.   

As of now, only five cases of the COVID-19 have been reported from Nepal. The situation in the country is under control with all necessary precautions being taken to contain the spread of the COVID-19. However, Chinese bullying in the country has sparked an outburst of anger in the local Nepali populace. 

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