Rocket attacks on the US military base in Iraq, Iran threatens US

Third World WarBaghdad: While the entire world is focussed on the Coronavirus pandemic, the activities in Iraq are gaining momentum. A few hours ago, a US military base came under rocket attacks. It is claimed that the Patriot air defence system, deployed two days ago in Iraq, successfully neutralised the attacks. Meanwhile, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) threatened the United States, within a few hours of the attack.


Rocket attacks on the US military base in Iraq, Iran threatens USAdvanced US air defence system, Patriot, landed in Iraq on Monday. The battery of this system has been installed on the Ain Al Assad base in Iraq. The Iraqi military sources informed the media that this base was attacked on Tuesday. The Iraqi military sources also said that the newly installed air defence system successfully neutralised the attack.

There has been no reaction received from the US military deployed in Iraq. The United States had accused the Iran affiliated terrorist organisations of being responsible for the rocket attacks on US and NATO bases in Iraq, in the past. The United States had even launched attacks on the bases of these Iran affiliated terrorist organisations.

Taking into account a similar US reaction, IRGC threatened the United States ‘If the United States attacked Iran or Iran affiliated groups in Iraq, that will be their ultimate mistake.’

Iran affiliated terrorist organisation Kataib Hezbollah, operating in Iraq, also has threatened the United States. Kataib alleged that the US military deployment in Iraq is illegal. Kataib claimed that the Iraqi people have all the rights to rise against the United States, who has illegally set bases up in their country.

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