China to open 700 laboratories similar to the one in Wuhan

Beijing: – China announced starting of 700 more laboratories, like the one in Wuhan, where the Coronavirus was developed. Only a day ago, a Chinese researcher working at the Wuhan laboratory warned that Coronavirus is just like the tip of an iceberg. Now, a newspaper run by the Chinese government said that President Xi Jinping has decided to open 700 laboratories, similar to the one in Wuhan, at a time when the competition with the United States is at its peak. The Chinese mouthpiece is almost threatening that China can spread pandemics, more dangerous than the Coronavirus, around the world. 


Economic Information Daily, the government newspaper, claimed that the decision taken by President Xi Jinping to start 700 new laboratories is only intending to compete with the United States. The daily clarified that some of these laboratories would be for medical research and others will be for technology research. The newspaper further added that the main objective of these laboratories would be developing China and accepting the challenges posed by the United States. There are 501 laboratories operational in China today. But now, a need for these new laboratories is apparently being felt to compete with the United States. 

The United States has been complaining for many years now that the Chinese companies are involved in the theft of intellectual property, which is used by Chinese companies. The United States had blacklisted 33 Chinese companies in this context. The Chinese newspaper said that these laboratories would make China stronger on the intellectual property front, answering the US accusations. Although there is nothing wrong on the face of it, the reference made to the Wuhan laboratory by the Chinese newspaper becomes significant.

The laboratory in Wuhan, where the Coronavirus originated from, has become infamous worldwide. All the leading countries of the world are demanding a detailed independent inquiry of the Wuhan laboratory. Therefore, a new question is being raised that is China trying to threaten the world with the announcement of starting 700 more laboratories, similar to the infamous Wuhan laboratory. Moreover, Chinese virologist Shi Zhengli warned that the world would have to face more dreadful pandemics, saying that Coronavirus is the tip of an iceberg.

While there is a growing demand for extracting a humungous compensation from China for hiding the information regarding Coronavirus from countries around the world, the possibility that China is trying to threaten these countries with more dangerous pandemics cannot be denied.

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