Anger simmering in the Italian people against China

Rome – US President Donald Trump had accused that the Coronavirus crisis was created because of China’s irresponsible behaviour. This opinion is getting endorsed around the world. There is a wave of intense anger against China among the people of Italy where more than 12,000 patients have died. The Italian citizens have started a campaign demanding that all the losses incurred by Italy should be recovered from China.


Italian journalist Francisco Marino started this campaign asking a question ‘Who all want China to pay for the losses suffered by Italy?’ This is getting a resounding response from the Italian people. Claiming that China did not disclose the information regarding the pandemic in the initial phases, which pushed the world into this crisis, the demand for recovering the losses from China is gaining ground even in the United Kingdom. It can now be seen reflecting in Italy, and it is clearly visible that the campaign will only intensify with time.

A petition demanding USD 20 Trillion from China in damages has been filed in the United States. This has increased the pressure on China regarding the pandemic. Italy, having excellent relations with China, had refrained from taking an aggressive stance against China. But even after the intensity of the pandemic increased in Italy, the Italian government did not make any statements against China. But now, the thrust of the increasing anti-China sentiment in the Italian people may compel the Italian government to take a stand against China. China has made massive investments in Italy. Many Chinese companies are operating in the Italian capital, Rome. This is the reason the Italian government is hesitant in taking a stand against China.

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