Violent protest by Chinese tourists stranded in Nepal

 Kathmandu: – Demonstrations started by the Chinese tourists, in Nepal, turned violent and four Nepalese policemen were injured. 50 Chinese tourists assembled outside the prime Minister’s office and demanded that they should be sent to China. But after an argument with the Nepal Police, the demonstrators started pelting stones at the police. Nepal police arrested 45 Chinese tourists, in this connection. Following these demonstrations, the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu has advised the Chinese tourist to abide by the Nepalese laws.


This incident occurred on 8 May and a video of the incident has been posted on social media. The tourists were trying to enter the premises of the Prime Minister’s office, waving boards with ‘I want to go home’ message written on the boards. This being a prohibited area, the Nepal police requested them to leave. But the protesting Chinese tourists started pelting stones at the police. The police had to resort to lathi-charge to disperse the mob. Kiran Bajracharya, the spokesman of Nepal police, informed that all these people can be booked for entering prohibited area and perpetrating violence during the lockdown.

Lockdown has been imposed in Nepal to stop the spread of Coronavirus, since 22 March. International flights are closed because of the lockdown. It is being said that the lockdown will remain in force till 31 May. Therefore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and France arranged for special flights, to evacuate their citizens from Nepal. But the Chinese government did not make any efforts to evacuate 50 Chinese tourists. Moreover, the money in the hands of the Chinese tourists is over, making it difficult for them to survive in Nepal. Therefore, these tourists contacted the Chinese embassy in Nepal. As per received information, as the Chinese embassy did not respond favourably, these tourists demonstrated in front of the Prime Minister’s office.

Meanwhile, the Nepalese people have welcomed the police action against the Chinese tourists. Any foreign tourist attacking a local police personnel is a cause for concern. The Nepalese people are demanding that a lawsuit must be taken against these tourists. The Chinese embassy in Nepal has advised the Chinese tourists to abide by the Nepalese laws.

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