Chinese aggression will be replied in the same language: Air Chief Marshal Bhadauria

New Delhi: – Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria has warned that if China starts any aggressive activities on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, the Indian Air Force (IAF) will retaliate in the same language. The Air Chief Marshal also clarified that the Rafale fighter jets are being seriously considered for the contract to purchase 114 fighter jets for the IAF. Squadron Leader Sarthak Kumar said that the IAF is prepared to face any challenge posed from Ladakh to Kanya Kumari.   

iaf-chief-bhadoriaThe Air Chief Marshal clarified that if China demonstrates aggression and a conflict is sparked on the LAC in Ladakh, the IAF can show equal aggression against China. The Air Chief Marshal issued this warning while speaking at a press conference. Even in the past, the Air Chief Marshal had warned that a conflict with India would prove lethal for China, who has global ambitions.   

The IAF Chief had delivered a message in suggestive words saying that China will have to face embarrassment in a conflict with India, which will negatively impact the international Chinese image.   

While speaking about the Rafale fighter jets, the IAF Chief said that India would receive three more Rafale jets by the end of this month. He expressed confidence that France will supply the remaining Rafale jets by the next year. India has not awarded the contract for supply for 114 fighter jets to any country. The IAF chief clarified that the Rafale jets are being seriously considered for this.  

Moreover, the work on the development of a fifth-generation fighter jet has started in the country. Efforts are being made to include the features of a sixth-generation fighter jet in this fifth-generation jet. The IAF Chief gave important information that the current stress is on development of the fifth-generation jet.   

Meanwhile, Squadron Leader Sarthak Kumar, who participated in the Desert Night war exercises being held at Jodhpur, made an important statement. He stated that the IAF is ready to face any challenge from Ladakh to Kanya Kumari. Squadron Leader Sarthak Kumar clarified that the Rafale is prepared for any mission, not only in the Indian conditions but any mission worldwide. He asserted that Rafale fighter jets could accomplish any task assigned to fourth or fifth-generation fighter jets. 

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