General Rawat on visit to Ladakh to review the military preparedness on LAC, China claims withdrawal of 10,000 soldiers

New Delhi: Following the Chinese aggression in the Galwan Valley in the last year, India has greatly increased its defence preparedness on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China. Members of the Indian military top brass have been consistently visiting the region to review the level of preparedness and to boost the morale of the soldiers deployed there. On Monday, the Defence Chief of the country, General Bipin Rawat, reached Ladakh for a visit. While General Rawat was reaching the LAC in Ladakh, reports were being received that China had withdrawn 10,000 soldiers from the Ladakh front.

General Rawat on visit to Ladakh to review the military preparedness on LAC, China claims withdrawal of 10,000 soldiersOn Friday, the Indian Army detained a Chinese soldier intruding into the Indian territory through the LAC. There were indications of tension festering, following this intrusion by the Chinese soldier. But the Indian Army handed over the soldier to the Chinese Army, on Monday morning. The Indian Army informed that the soldier was handed over to the Chinese Army at around 10 a.m. on Monday, at the Chushul-Moldo Border Point. China had appealed for an immediate release of the captured soldier. But the Indian Army had warned that the soldier could not be released unless the due processes are completed. Last year, China had attempted to pressurise India by making massive deployments on the LAC in Ladakh. In June, the Chinese Army showed aggression against the Indian Army. The Indian Army retaliated strongly against the Chinese misbehaviour. Even after this, China maintained an adamant stand and continued with aggressive activities to pressurise India to withdraw from the region. But India busted all the Chinese plots with equivalent deployment on the LAC in Ladakh.

It is being said that China has deployed 50,000 soldiers on the LAC in Ladakh. India issued a warning to China with equivalent deployment. India has not stopped the deployment, and the Indian Defence Minister, as well as senior military officials, are consistently visiting the region. A few days ago, Chief of Army Staff, General Naravane, visited the LAC in Ladakh. Defence Chief General Rawat has begun his Ladakh visit from Monday. During the visit, he would be reviewing the security arrangements in the region. Only last week, General Rawat visited the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh. After the LAC in Ladakh, General Rawat will be visiting the border in Jammu and Kashmir.

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