Hydropower project on the Brahmaputra River is China’s encroachment on India’s rights, warns Ministry of Jal Shakti

New Delhi: India has warned that the hydroelectric project being built by China on the Brahmaputra river is an encroachment on the Indian rights. India and Bangladesh are on the slopes of the Brahmaputra river, and the Chinese efforts to stop the water in the river is a blatant violation of the international laws. India has made preparations to raise this issue during bilateral talks between the two countries. Simultaneously, the construction of houses in the disputed border area in Arunachal Pradesh has also become a cause of concern for India. The foreign ministry clarified that the Chinese activities are being monitored closely. But the Chinese foreign ministry claimed that the Chinese constructions are all inside the Chinese territory.

Hydropower project on the Brahmaputra River is China's encroachment on India's rights, warns Ministry of Jal ShaktiThe border dispute reigning on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh is still not resolved. China tried exerting pressure on India, with massive military deployment on the LAC, but the Chinese efforts boomeranged as the Indian military dominated the Chinese army in this region. Therefore, China has prepared to open another front against India and has started preparations to create a village on the Arunachal Pradesh border with 101 houses. A few weeks before this, China started the construction of a hydropower project on the Brahmaputra river. India has taken serious cognisance of the issue. The Indian Jal Shakti Ministry warned that the construction is an encroachment on Indian rights.

Jal Shakti Minister Rattan Lal Kataria discussed this issue during the meeting of the Central Water Commission. This Chinese construction on the Brahmaputra river will cause losses even to Bangladesh, along with India. Therefore, reports have been received that both the countries were preparing to raise this issue during the diplomatic discussions with China. Meanwhile, China is preparing to set up a village by building houses near the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh. The Chinese foreign ministry has responded to the Indian reaction regarding that and the reports appearing in Indian media on the subject. China has carried out all the constructions on its territory, and there is nothing wrong with it. Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that China has never accepted Arunachal Pradesh as this is south Tibet, an inseparable part of China.

Whereas, Chinese mouthpiece Global Times has said that the Indian media uses the Chinese constructions near the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh to fuel the anti-China sentiment in the Indian population. While speaking to the Global Times, a Chinese scholar said that India’s claims regarding the constructions are false. The border between India and China has not been clearly demarcated. In this scenario, the scholar asked how India can claim that China is carrying out constructions on the Indian territory.

Meanwhile, there is anger in the villages near the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh over these Chinese activities. The locals here are identifying themselves with slogans ‘We are Indians’. The student associations in Arunachal Pradesh have denounced the aggressive Chinese actions.

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