Everyone must play role of a soldier without uniform as reach of mobile phones now bigger than missiles: Defence Minister

Chandigarh: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh pointed to the challenges posed in front of the country saying, ‘The range of the mobile has become greater than a missile. Therefore, the enemy can reach us even without crossing the border. In these times, all of us will have to play the role of a soldier without uniform.’  

The Defence Minister delivered this critical message while addressing the Military Literature Festival at Chandigarh. The Defence Minister pointed out to the countrymen in measured words that the use of the influence of mobiles and social media by the enemy is posing a challenge to the country’s security. The threats also are changing with the changing times. The Defence Minister said that the war techniques also have changed in the current times.   

rajnath-singh-18-decThe Defence Minister appealed, ‘Threats, which were never thought before, have been posed. We are facing wars on cyber, biological and information technology fronts. Today, the range of the mobile is more than a missile, as the enemy can reach us through this without even crossing the border. In this situation, it has become necessary to save oneself, as well as others, from the misinformation and malicious campaigns. This is not the work of the military, and everyone has to become a soldier without a uniform for this purpose.’   

Although the Defence Minister did not take names, the reference to the campaigns being run by China and Pakistan to create anarchy in India is evident in his message. The Indian soldiers stopped the Chinese soldiers on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, and after that, China started bragging that India was a failure while China succeeded. China also released a roguish report that China used microwave weapons to take control over the hills to the south of the Pangong Lake. At the same time, China also published claims that it has acquired quite a few kilometres of Indian territory. These were a part of the Chinese propaganda war. But in reality, the condition of the Chinese military is perilous, and it is surprised with the bravery and conditioning of the Indian army. But China is trying to portray a picture that it has scored over India through a propaganda war.   

It has been clear from time to time that Pakistani analysts and media are supporting this Chinese propaganda war. Against this background, the Defence Minister appealed that because of the increasing influence of the mobile and social media, everyone needs to become a soldier without uniform. It is necessary to reach the stories regarding bravery of martyrs, who laid down their lives in wars and the history of the border regions, to the people of the country. The Defence Minister said that he had formed a committee for this purpose after assuming the office. The Defence Minister expressed confidence that the Military Literature Festival can play an essential role on this front. 

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