China deploys advanced radar systems from border from Ladakh to Sikkim

New Delhi: – China has prepared to deploy advanced radar systems on the border with India, from Ladakh to Sikkim. Therefore, it becomes clear, once again, that although China is pretending to agree for military withdrawal, during discussions with the Indian military officials, it cannot be trusted. Reports of the Indian military making preparations for long-term deployment in the Ladakh region are also being received. The Indian military is making arrangements, on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, for protection from any sudden strike by the Chinese military, as well as the freezing winter.   

ladakh-sikkimEight rounds of talks have been held between military officials from India and China, to resolve the border dispute created on the LAC in Ladakh. In the eighth round, China expressed willingness to withdraw the military from the LAC; the Indian media reported that this withdrawal would be in three stages. But the military movements started by this country suggest that it is in no mood for withdrawal from the LAC. China has made preparations to deploy advanced radar systems on the LAC from Ladakh to Sikkim. The Indian military had delivered a jolt to China by acquiring hills, to the south of the Pangong Tso lake. China seems to be making these preparations to avoid receiving any such jolts from the Indian military. The Indian military also is in a state of readiness to bust any Chinese attempts. China can launch a fresh attack to avenge the insult handed out by the Indian military in the Galwan Valley. Therefore, the Indian military is erecting cement pipes with a diameter of 6 to 8 feet for protection from any sudden Chinese attack and also the cold. These pipes are being laid in the tunnels built in this region.   

These tunnels are vital for the protection of soldiers from snowfall and snowstorms. Meanwhile, seeing that India is not withdrawing from the LAC despite its pressures, China has intensified its propaganda war. China spread information that the Indian soldiers had to give up the possession of the hills in the Pangong Tso lake region because of the Microwave weapon used by China. But the Indian foreign ministry announced that there is no truth in the claim. But with this claim, it becomes clear that China is desperate to show that it has the upper hand in the LAC dispute in Ladakh. The Chinese mouthpiece had claimed a few days ago that the Indian soldiers would not be able to sustain the cold in Ladakh. But it has been observed that instead, it is the Chinese soldiers who cannot sustain in the freezing cold. As per media, the everyday transportation of Chinese soldiers, on stretchers and in helicopters, points to the same thing. A Taiwanese newspaper said that the clothes provided to the Chinese soldiers are of such poor quality that they are left in a pathetic condition.   

The responsibility of providing warm clothes to the Chinese soldiers has been delegated to the local level. Taiwan times said that these clothes are usable in the weather up to a height of 9,000 feet and not at 12,000 feet, which is the height of the Ladakh region. The Chinese soldiers are being hit due to this. Therefore, Taiwan times has claimed that the Chinese intrusion in Ladakh has boomeranged on China itself. 

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