Effects of coordination between defence forces apparent on the LAC, claims Air Force official

New Delhi: – While the Indian and Chinese forces are in a standoff on the LAC in Ladakh, the coordination between the Indian defence forces is a big plus in favour of the country. An air force official expressed satisfaction over it by saying that the air force has been ordered to fulfil all the requirements of the army on the highest priority, and positive effects of this are evident on the LAC.   

ladakh-lac-indiaThere had been a long-standing demand that immediate steps need to be taken to increase the communication and coordination between the three wings of the defence forces. Accordingly, India has now created the post ‘Chief of Defence Staff,’ meaning Chief of Defence and General Bipin Rawat became the first Indian Defence Chief. Against this background, the coordination between the army and the air force, proving to be decisive, is a welcomed development when the tension with China is at its peak on the LAC in Ladakh. All the material required by the soldiers deployed on the LAC is being supplied on an urgent basis. For this, the Chinook, heavy transport helicopters, have been pressed into service. At the same time, the Apache helicopters are patrolling the mountain areas by keeping a strict vigil on the Chinese activities. The Indian officials are claiming that the presence of Apache helicopters, especially when the Indian and Chinese tanks are very close to each other, becomes a significant development.   

The aircraft, C-17 Globemaster, IL-76 and C-130J Hercules of the Indian Air Force, and the Chinook heavy transport helicopters are helping in making the movements of the soldiers and the necessary materials very easy. Therefore, it is clear that the situation of the Indian Army is stronger than the Chinese Army. Now, China will not be able to force the Indian Army to retreat from this position under any circumstances. At the same time, the military officials and analysts are expressing confidence that the freezing winter in Ladakh too will not have any effect on the Indian Army deployments. Whereas, the situation of the Chinese Army, challenging India, is becoming perilous by the day.  

The Chinese soldiers are finding it tough to sustain in the adverse conditions at Ladakh. It is reported that the military of Pakistan, the closest ally of China, has come to the rescue of the Chinese military in this scenario. The Pakistani soldiers are sharing their experience and skills with the Chinese soldiers. This had already been reported, and therefore, the professionalism of the Chinese Army, requiring to be trained by the army of a country like Pakistan, has been exposed to the world. The message has reached the world that the Chinese Army, making tall claims and bragging about its might will not be able to even stand in front of the Indian Army, leave aside fighting a war. 

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