Indian Defence Chief issues stern warning to China

New Delhi: – The eighth round of talks between India and China over the tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), in Ladakh, also ended without any conclusion. India insisted, during this meeting that the situation should be reverted to the one before April 2020. China is not willing to accept that and is pressing on the Indian military’s withdrawal from the region. Before the meeting, Indian Chief of Defence, General Bipin Rawat, issued a stern warning to China by saying that if China tried to change the situation on the LAC, it would have to face dire consequences.   

China proposed that India should withdraw all the advanced weaponry from the LAC, in Ladakh. But India lambasted China that unless the situation on the LAC is reverted to the April situation, it will not entertain any Chinese demands. Therefore, as expected, the eighth round of talks failed to resolve the dispute. Before starting of the negotiations, Indian Defence Minister and Defence Chief had issued stern warnings to China.   

Bipin-Rawat-lacDefence Minister Rajnath Singh had said that India is a peace-loving country, but at the same time, India will never compromise on its sovereignty. The Defence Minister warned China not to make the mistake of taking India for granted, in a different language. Going further, Defence Chief General Bipin Rawat issued a warning to China in sterner language. General Rawat said that if China commits any misadventure of the LAC in Ladakh, the Chinese military will face unprecedented and unimaginable situations. General Rawat added that no change in status at the LAC is acceptable to India and the stand of the Indian Army regarding this is very clear.   

The Chinese Army also has made preparations for an extended stay in the Ladakh region. As per reports, China has supplied all the necessary outfits to survive in the biting cold in Ladakh. Reports had also been received that many Chinese soldiers are falling sick due to the freezing cold. Against this background, China has made the necessary arrangements. Despite this, even the western analysts are accepting that the Indian Army is in a far better position and the case of a conflict flaring up, the Indian soldiers will teach a lesson to the Chinese Army. At the same time, the western media have claimed that India has strongly retaliated against the Chinese bullying on the military and diplomatic level. The effects of this are already visible, and India has taken the initiative to improve its cooperation with the smaller Chinese neighbours. Whereas, the United States, Japan and Australia have signed critical defence agreements with India by increasing the military tension further on China. Therefore, there has been a major change in the language and tones of China, who was talking the language of handing out a dreadful defeat to India. 

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