MARCOS, from Indian Navy, deployed on LAC in Ladakh

New Delhi: – After the deployment of the Garud from the Para Forces of the Air Force, along with the Special Frontier Forces, now the Pangong lake region will be patrolled by the elite MARCOS unit from the Indian Navy and special boats for this purpose will soon be sent there. Therefore, commando units from all the three divisions of armed forces are ready to counter any Chinese conspiracies.   

China had expressed willingness to withdraw the military from the LAC to reduce the tension created there. China had consented to this during the discussions between the military officials from both the countries, and it was reported that a consensus had been reached for a phased withdrawal. But as per received reports, instead of withdrawing its military, China has made fresh deployments in the region. Moreover, claims are also being made that China has increased the level of preparedness in near the border with India in Tibet. At the same time, reports have been received that China has deployed advanced radar systems near the border.   

Therefore, the indications are that the Chinese intention is not defusing the tension on the border, but to take advantage of the Indian withdrawal. Former military officials have repeatedly warned that China cannot be trusted in any way. In this scenario, a dense possibility of China intruding into the Indian territory using the Pangong lake was being predicted. But reports had also been received that the Indian Navy had made the necessary deployments to secure the Pangong lake.   

Now, the special naval unit, MARCOS, has been deployed in the Pangong lake region. Moreover, ultramodern boats will be sent to the lake for this unit. This will make the patrolling in this region more effective. Since the last seven months, the Special Frontier Forces and Para Forces have been deployed on the LAC at Ladakh. On 29th and 30th August, soldiers from the Special Frontier Forces rocked China by taking control of strategic hills to the south of the Pangong lake.   

Before the Chinese soldiers could realise, commandos from the Special Frontier Forces set up their camps on these hills. The Chinese soldiers attempted to take over these hills by launching an attack. But the Chinese soldiers retreated after being sternly warned that firing will be resorted to if another attempt is made to attack the hills. After the possibility of Chinese aerial intrusion increased in a specific part of the LAC, Garud Commandos from the Air Force were deployed in those regions. The deployment of all the three Indian armed forces is a stern warning for China. Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria had assured communication and coordination between all the three divisions of the armed forces. This is being demonstrated in Ladakh. 

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