US withdrawal will make Afghanistan epicentre of international terrorism: NATO chief

Washington: – The NATO chief, restless with the announcement of the withdrawal of 2,000 more US troupes from Afghanistan, expressed his displeasure regarding the decision. This US decision will make Afghanistan a centre of international terrorism. NATO chief Jen Stoltenberg also expressed concern that this military withdrawal may result in increased terror attacks in Europe.

US President Trump had announced military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Accordingly, only 2,500 US soldiers will now be remaining in Afghanistan. It is being said that the military withdrawal will be completed in the next few days. But NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has expressed concerns over this new US military withdrawal.  

Stoltenberg said, ‘Afghanistan will once again become a centre for international terrorism and will become home to terror attacks in Europe. NATO chief expressed a fear that organisations like IS, who were defeated in Iraq and Syria, will gain control over Afghanistan following the US military withdrawal. Stoltenberg claimed that if the withdrawal from Afghanistan is made without any concrete plan, it will have a very dear cost attached to it. NATO chief expressed regret saying, ‘The United States and NATO had jointly started the Afghanistan campaign. Therefore, the United States could have consulted NATO even at the time of withdrawal.’

Along with NATO, the Afghan government has also opposed the US military withdrawal. The Afghan officials alleged that following the US military withdrawal, Pakistan would gain control over Afghanistan through its terrorist organisations.   

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