China, restless with US-Taiwan cooperation, trying to pressurise Taiwan

Beijing/Washington: – China is becoming too restless as the United States is taking rapid steps to strengthen cooperation with Taiwan. In the same state, China has started extensive military movements to increase pressure on Taiwan. China intruded into the Taiwanese territory a whopping 26 times in November. After that, China has published information regarding its stealth bomber and hypersonic engine. Analysts claim that these actions are a part of pressurising tactics against Taiwan.   

Over the last year, US President Donald Trump has taken a very active stand regarding increasing cooperation with Taiwan. The United States, supplying defence equipment on a large scale to Taiwan, has expedited moves even on the diplomatic and trade levels. Three senior US officials have visited Taiwan in the last four months. Along with the defence and state department officials, even the health department officials have visited Taiwan. At the same time, essential agreements also have been signed between the United States and Taiwan, which includes an infrastructure deal to counter the Chinese influence.   

Under this deal, the United States and Taiwan are collaborating for the development of the infrastructural facilities in Latin America. A senior Taiwanese Minister indicated that the joint venture projects would start within the coming year. Taiwan has also revealed to have initiated efforts to create an alternative system to dismantle the Chinese domination of the global supply chain. While all this is being done, the demands for a trade agreement with Taiwan and awarding an official Ambassador status to the US representative in Taiwan is also gaining ground. It has been reported that the US Congressional Commission also has made recommendations regarding this.   

Meanwhile, as per received information, a unit of the US marines had gone to Taiwan, last month, for training the Taiwanese military. This is the first instance of the US military imparting training openly to the Taiwanese military in the previous four decades. China is severely distressed with this increasing US-Taiwan cooperation and is making consistent efforts to pressurise Taiwan.  

It has been exposed that the frequency of intrusion by the Chinese fighter jets in the Taiwanese airspace has increased in November. Twenty-six intrusions by the Chinese fighter jets into the Taiwanese airspace have been reported. The Chinese military sources themselves have published this information. After that, China has published information regarding its new advanced stealth bomber and has claimed that this bomber is capable of targeting the US bases in the Pacific Ocean. As per analysts, this is a Chinese ploy to increase pressure on Taiwan, who is cooperating with the United States. 

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