US warns China over Taiwan and Japan’s security

Washington/Tokyo/Taipei: – Japan has rights over the Senkaku Island group. Therefore, the United States is also committed to the islands group’s security, in view of the defence cooperation agreement with Japan. The United States also reprimanded China over the Chinese activities of sending capable nuclear bombers and fighter jets in the Taiwanese airspace. The US department of state clarified that the United States would be assisting Taiwan in self-defence. The statements issued by the new US administration regarding Taiwan and Japan are claimed to be a warning for China.   

The newly elected US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin and Japanese Defence Minister Nobuo Kishi held telephonic discussions, on Saturday. The US Secretary of Defence emphasised that Japan has legal rights over the Senkaku Islands. Pentagon, the US defence headquarters, though a statement said that as per clause 4 of the US-Japan defence cooperation agreement if there is a unilateral attempt to change Japan’s situation, in the East China Sea, the United States will be committed to the Japanese security.   

Pentagon informed that discussions regarding the US soldiers’ redeployment in Japan were also held between the countries’ Defence Ministers. information regarding the North Korean nuclear program and missiles and the Coronavirus pandemic in Japan was also exchanged. Only two days ago, Japan had appealed to the United States over the South China Sea region. Japan had said that it expects cooperation from the new Biden administration against the Chinese aggression in this region.  

The United States criticised China for the aggression shown against Taiwan. Eight fighter jets along with 4 bombers, from China, intruded into the Taiwanese airspace on Saturday. Taiwan criticised this intrusion by the Chinese aircraft into its airspace. Taiwan drove away these aircraft by sending its own fighter jets. The reaction has been received from the United States regarding this.  

The US state department announced ‘The United States will be making efforts for its allies’ security and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific sector. These allies include Taiwan. The United States will provide all the necessary assistance to Taiwan for self-defence.’  

China claims rights over the Senkaku Island group in the East China Sea. Whereas, China claims that Taiwan also is a sovereign Chinese territory. China had threatened that no other country should establish diplomatic and military cooperation with Taiwan. But since the last few years, the United States changed its policy regarding Taiwan and made preparations to provide more protection to the country. 

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