China accuses US of making it an ‘Imaginary Enemy’ to escape internal problems

Beijing/Washington: – Bilateral relations between China and the United States are ‘frustrated’; the United States is responsible for it. China has accused the United States of using it as an ‘Imaginary Enemy’ to divert attention from domestic issues. The allegations were made during the visit of US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman to China. China is also said to have warned the United States to meet its demands to improve relations.  


On Monday, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and a high-level delegation met with Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Xi Feng and senior officials. It is realised that China has taken an aggressive stance in the talks. China has claimed that the United States is to blame for the “Serious Problems” in relations between the two countries. The Chinese Minister also accused the United States of pursuing a policy of repression and coercion. Sources said China had submitted two lists to the US to improve relations.  

China has also made some demands with the United States. These include the withdrawal of applications for the arrest of Meng Wenzhou, the chief executive of Huawei, lifting of sanctions on Chinese authorities and the discontinuation of the policy of restraining Chinese companies. One list includes ‘Errors’ in relations between the two countries, and the other lists issues important to China. US officials did not confirm the list. However, it was said that both countries raised issues of mutual concern.  

Relations between the United States and China have been severely strained over the past few years. During the tenure of former US President Donald Trump, many decisions were taken, including the imposition of aggressive sanctions against China. The United States began targeting China on several issues, including corona, trade robberies, human rights abuses, espionage, and cyberattacks. While the Biden administration has maintained this policy to a certain extent, it has also sought to keep the way open for conciliatory discussions.   

The second high-level meeting with China this year confirms this. In March, a meeting in Alaska sparked a heated exchange of words between US and Chinese leaders. 

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