Former US NSA McMaster accuses Biden of ‘bigotry masquerading as cultural sensitivity’

Washington: – US President Joe Biden had said that the atrocities against the Uyghur people in the Xinjiang province are a part of Chinese culture. Vitriolic criticism is being made against this statement made by Biden. Former US National Security Advisor (NSA), HR McMaster, levelled a severe allegation that President Biden covers the Chinese brutality with the mask of cultural sensitivity by justifying the Uyghur genocide. A few days ago, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had blamed the Biden administration for singing the Chinese tunes.   

Last week, President Biden held telephonic discussions with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Biden had said while speaking to a US news channel that Jinping is trying to keep China united. Saying that Jinping is forced to take a tough stand against the Uyghurs and the people of Hong Kong, for this purpose, he glorified the Chinese brutality.   

President Biden was singing a tune that China is a culturally free country, and no one has the right to interfere in its internal matters during the interview. It has been a week since this interview. Reactions regarding his statements made regarding the Uyghur genocide are still being received. HR McMaster, who has served as the US NSA, had criticised that Biden’s remarks regarding the Uyghur genocide are the biggest blunder.   

McMaster levelled a crushing allegation that a group of lawmakers and entrepreneurs from the United States are purposely running a pro-Chinese agenda. McMaster launched a crushing attack saying, ‘These people have a few useful idiots. Through them, they are running the campaign that China is a helpless country.’   

Along with McMaster, the Republican party has also lashed out at Biden’s spineless policies regarding China and praised the policies of former President Donald Trump regarding China. The Republican Study Committee, having 150 members, accused, ‘President Trump was the first US President to adopt a tough stand against China. The Biden administration is trying to wipe out the success attained by President Trump’s policies against China.’ The committee also alleged that instead of pinning the responsibility of China’s wrongdoings, the Biden administration is repeating the policies of former President Barack Obama of pampering China.   

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has presented the Biden administration with a fresh proposal for improving relations between China and the United States. Yi claimed that the discussions between President Biden and President Jinping, last week, was a positive step in that direction. Former US President Trump imposed heavy taxes on Chinese products and restricted a few Chinese products. The Chinese Foreign Minister expressed confidence that now President Biden will reduce the tax burden on Chinese products. 

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