Turkish army enters Iraq to attack Kurds; Turkey claims killing 31 Kurds

Istanbul/Baghdad: Turkish military has launched a campaign against Kurds, inside Iraq. The Turkish defence ministry claimed that 31 Kurdish terrorists were killed in the last three days. Whereas, the Iraqi media are reporting that Turkey has taken control over one of the villages in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The Kurdish organisations are expressing concerns that if the international community does not stop Turkey in time, Turkey will carry out a Kurdish genocide.


Turkish army enters Iraq to attack Kurds; Turkey claims killing 31 KurdsTurkey has started military campaigns in two regions, Pens-Simsek and Pens-Yildirim, in the Kurdistan province of Iraq. Turkey is accusing that terrorists from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), declared as a terrorist organisation, are hiding in these areas. A big contingent of Turkish soldiers and military vehicles have crossed the border and entered the Kistah mountain region, in the Duhok district.

Over the last three days the Turkish army targeted 1,132 locations of Kurds and the air force targeted an additional 120 locations. The Turkish defence ministry has claimed that the Kurds have suffered major losses in these actions. The Turkish defence ministry informed that a minimum of 31 Kurds were killed in the action. Turkey said that one of its soldiers was killed and six soldiers were injured during the action. The Arabic news agency, Baghdad Today, reported that Turkey has taken control over the Barvi Bala village.

The Kurdish organisations the world over, are denouncing the Turkish action taken intruding into Iraq. Turkish soldiers are being paradropped into the Duhok district. The Kurdish organisation, Kurdish National Congress (KNK) has expressed fears that the Turkish intrusion is indicating differently.Turkish army enters Iraq to attack Kurds; Turkey claims killing 31 Kurds

Turkey is intending to carry out a massacre and genocide in Kurdistan. Ahmed Karamus, Vice President of KNK appealed that the United Nations, European Union, NATO and international community should stop Turkey from carrying out massacre and genocide of the Kurdish people. Criticism was pouring in from the world over regarding the Armenian genocide carried out by the Ottoman empire. Karamus accused that Turkey has started this genocide, on the same day.

Meanwhile, Turkey is accusing that more than 40,000 Turkish citizens have been victims of the attacks carried out by the Kurdish organisation PKK in Turkey, over the last three decades. European Union and the United States along with Turkey have declared PKK as a terrorist organisation. Turkey has declared the Kurdish organisations even in Iraq and Syria as terrorists and has taken actions against them. But the Kurds are not terrorists and the Kurds spread across Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran are demanding a separate country.

Turkish army enters Iraq to attack Kurds; Turkey claims killing 31 KurdsThe Kurdish organisations have started saying with confidence ‘The Kurdish community was purposely spilt into these four to five countries, in the times after the second world war. But now the Kurds will not stop short of getting a separate country.’ Whereas, Turkey which considers this a threat to its integrity, has started a spate of attack on the Kurdish people intruding into Iraq.

But it is being accused that Turkey has some ulterior motive other than finishing the Kurds, behind these actions. As of today, the Iraqi oil sector is under Kurdish control and it is being said that as Turkey is interested in gaining control over the oil sector, Turkey has a special interest in this action. No satisfactory answer has been coming from Turkey against these allegations.

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