Tension on Ladakh LAC remains

New Delhi: The ninth round of discussions between India and China’s army officials to resolve the Ladakh LAC border dispute went on for 11 hours. Moreover, India has proposed China to withdraw its Army completely to establish peace.   

However, China has been insistently demanding India to withdraw its Army from the LAC. But it is not ready to accept India’s demand and withdraw its troops from the LAC. Hence, the Indian Army is all set to stay at the LAC for a prolonged span. Moreover, Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh declared that India would not retreat its soldiers unless China withdraws its troops.   

The Defence Minister had warned of this before the round of discussion started.  However, it seems that China is unwilling to meet India’s demand. Thus, it is considered the talks that have been ongoing for two months, and a half will end only after a proper solution is found. Besides, China has also prepared for the same. All the more, reports of Chinese espionage on Ladakh LAC had been published before this meeting.   

So, it seems that the tension at LAC will not reduce in the future. The Indian Army officials had expressed such a possibility, and hence, they have prepared to deploy the Indian Army for a prolonged period. Simultaneously, Indian strategic analysts criticized China; they said that China is not keen to resolve the LAC tension and does not take any serious efforts.   

China does not seem to change its stance even shortly. Hence, India must continue its policy of maintaining its dominion over the border, said a former Indian Army official. China has set a trap for itself by invading the LAC. So now, deployment of troops in this region is a matter of prestige for China. Moreover, it is difficult for China to move ahead or withdraw or even keep its soldiers deployed at the border. In such a situation, India must not show any courtesy to releasing China of its trap, advise Indian strategic analysts.   

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