‘Stop China Campaign’ starts in US, an initiative by former US Ambassador Nikki Haley  

Washington: – Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley has initiated a massive campaign demanding that China, who kept the world in the dark, regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, should be held responsible for the deaths caused by the pandemic. There has to be a detailed investigation of the pandemic. The ‘Stop China Campaign’ initiated by Nikki Haley, is getting widespread support across the United States. Haley clarified that this campaign was started to ensure that the US Congress takes timely steps to stop the increasing Chinese influence around the world.  

Haley said in support of the movement ‘The United States is crying hoarse, about the perceived threats from the Chinese communist government. The whole world has experienced how dangerous China is, with this Coronavirus pandemic. Now is the time to issue a warning. An action is necessitated for the safety, health and prosperity of the US citizens.’ Haley appealed that the US Congress should carry out a detailed investigation into the pandemic and it should also initiate steps to receive compensation for the immeasurable losses suffered by the United States, because of the pandemic.  

Following the entry of the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States, Nikki Haley had taken an aggressive stand against China. She had said that it was necessary to teach this country a lesson. She had also pointed out that China has systematically increased its influence in international organisations to dominate them. No action was taken, despite Taiwan sending a letter to the World Health Organisation (WHO), cautioning the WHO, regarding the pandemic. This is because the WHO is under Chinese influence. Haley pointed out that using this clout, China hid the information regarding the pandemic from the world.  

Haley demanded ‘Therefore, it has become mandatory to initiate steps to counter the Chinese influence in the global institutions. The US Congress should take note of the funding received by the professors and researchers in the US universities and stop this funding.’  

Haley appealed ‘Bring all the medical equipment and pharmaceutical companies, back to the United States. Relieve US companies from the Chinese noose.’ Stop all the concessions to China and receive compensation for the losses incurred in the Coronavirus pandemic, from China. Haley said that the US Congress should raise this issue with the United Nations.  

The campaign started by Haley is garnering widespread support and more than 40,000 people endorsed the campaign in just a few hours. This shows the anger brewing in the minds of the US citizens, against China.   

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