81 Houthi rebels killed in Yemen during an action by Saudi and allies

Sana: – In the past two days, 81 Houthi rebels have been killed in clashes in Yemen’s Marib province. The Houthi rebels were fighting the Yemeni army and Saudi Arabia and its allies. This is the second action taken by the Yemeni-Saudi front against the Houthis in Marib in the last ten days. In addition to Marib, there are reports that Houthis have started fighting in Hodeida province.  


Two days ago, Houthi rebels attacked the surrounding area to take control of Marib. They also targeted a Yemeni military contingent stationed in al-Qasra, Mashaz, Helen, Jabal Murad and Rabah. The last two days have been marked by fierce fighting between the Yemeni army and Houthi rebels. It is claimed that the Houthis attacked at least 20 times in these 48 hours.  

The Yemeni army launched artillery attacks to thwart these attacks by Houthi rebels. Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies bombed the Houthi rebels. A spokesman for Yemen‘s military, Colonel Yahya al-Hatimi, said 81 insurgents had been killed. The Yemeni army also claimed to have destroyed a large arms arsenal of Houthi rebels.  

The Houthis had acquired control of most of northern Yemen for a long time. But Marib is the only fuel-rich province under Yemen’s military control. The Houthi rebels believe that if Marib is taken over, it will strengthen its grip on Yemen’s economy and put President Hadi’s government in financial trouble. Since February, Houthi rebels have stepped up attacks to seize Marib.  

But President Hadi has accused Houthi rebels of targeting locals and the Yemeni army in attacks in Marib. The Yemeni government and Saudi Arabia criticise that the Yemeni civilians are being killed in attacks on the military. Saudi Arabia has accused the international community of ignoring the actions of pro-Iranian Houthi rebels.  

Since Monday, the Houthi rebels have been launching attacks even in Marib and the Hodeidah area of Yemen. The Yemeni government says 17 people, including women and children, have been injured in Houthi attacks in the province near the Red Sea. Besides, there was a blast when a car passed over one of the landmines planted by Houthi rebels in the Attuhayata district. The Yemeni government has said that landmines planted by Houthis for the army are killing civilians.  

Meanwhile, attacks by Houthi rebels on Yemen and Saudi Arabia have intensified over the past few days. The Houthi rebels are directly targeting Saudi military bases, airports, and fuel projects and military bases near the Persian Gulf and the Yemeni border. Last week, the Houthis launched ballistic missiles at Saudi Aramco’s fuel plant and the army base. The Saudis thwarted the Houthi attacks with the help of the Patriot air defence system. However, last week, the Biden administration withdrew its Patriot missile system from Saudi Arabia. According to Saudi media, the decision has sent a wrong message to US allies in the Middle East and could increase the audacity of Iran, Houthi, and other terrorist groups. 

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