Quad Nations — India, US, Australia, Japan warn China

Tokyo: – The QUAD meeting, awaited by the whole world, of India-United States-Australia-Japan, started in the Japanese capital of Tokyo. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo showered severe criticism on China during an interview with an Asian magazine. US Secretary of State underlined the importance of QUAD, saying that the United States and its allies need to be protected against the exploitation, torture and corruption of the Chinese communist party ruling China. Secretary of State Pompeo made an acrid remark that the effects of Chinese expansionism are visible from the South East China Sea and to Gulf of Taiwan to the Mekong to the Himalayas. Whereas, Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said that India wants a free, open and all-inclusive Indo-Pacific sector and demanded that the disputes in this sector should be solved within the framework of the international laws. Foreign Minister Jaishankar has clarified that the Chinese expansionism is not acceptable to India, in a different language.  

quadDuring the QUAD meeting, the US Secretary of State made direct criticism by saying that the Chinese activities are a cause for concern. Indicating that the QUAD cooperation is vital for the stability and security of the Indo-Pacific sector, Secretary of State, Pompeo, has delivered a blunt message to China. The effects of the Chinese expansionist policies are visible, and the instability created because that will prove to be lethal. Pompeo warned that the United States would take the initiative to protect its allies from this danger. The Indian Foreign Minister adopted an insistent stand that the Indo-Pacific sector has to be free, open and all-inclusive. At the same time, Jaishankar expressed confidence that the cooperation from QUAD will play a positive and constructive role for the peace and stability in this sector. The most important fact is that all the four foreign ministers have indicated that the framework of the QUAD cooperation, which is still on an unofficial level, will be decided in this meeting.   

As per some analysts, the only reason that the QUAD cooperation could not achieve the desired progress, until now, was that India was averse to take a stand of confrontation against China. But China has pushed India to the edge, to join this group of Chinese adversaries, with multiple intrusions on the border and strategizing against India in the marine regions around India. This has compelled India, who always has the highest priority for a balanced foreign policy, to take a stand against China. China has once again proved its fraudulence by launching a cowardly attack on the Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley. Hence, India took of the spate of decisions to teach China a lesson. Becoming active in the QUAD forum is a part of the same conclusion.  

The Chinese regime had a firm opinion that India will not join the QUAD forum under any circumstances. Therefore, the active Indian participation in QUAD has come as a major jolt for China. Most importantly, all the four countries in QUAD are important trading partners of China. Therefore, all four can deliver severe jolts to China, even on the economic front. The process probably has already started. Thus, not only on the military front, the QUAD cooperation has become a major concern for China on the economic front too.   

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