Protests against President Yameen in Maldives intensify further

Male: The protests against Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen are getting stronger by the day. The opposition parties have jointly launched a nationwide agitation and the ruling regime is carrying out widespread arrests of the people in opposition. In spite of facing international criticism, President Yameen is trying to crush this agitation with the strength of the Chinese support.


maldives, abdilla yameen, protestsThe Supreme Court had announced a verdict against President Yameen last month. Subsequently, President Yameen arrested the Judge instead of implementing the decision. He declared an emergency to stop the protests against this. The Maldives Parliament has approved an extension of one month for the emergency period, on 20th of February.

The situation in Maldives has deteriorated further after this extension. Major countries including India and the United States had appealed to the Maldivian President to release the arrested judges and other members. President Yameen has started action against Members of Parliament from the opposition parties without paying heed to the appeal. Six Members of Parliament from the opposition parties have been reportedly arrested by the security agencies in the last few days.

The protestors are alleging that along with the arrests of the Members of Parliament even their family members are being harassed. The protests have started again to demand release of the opposition members and the judges arrested for political intentions, in the capital city of Male as well as in other cities. These protests are adversely affecting the Maldives economy. The opposition parties have accused President Yameen of deliberately creating unrest in the country.

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