Priority to ‘Frexit’ once elected as the President – Marine Le Pen

Paris : French politician Marine Le Pen assured of giving priority to exiting the European Union, if elected as the President by stating ‘Frexit’ will remain  a  priority amongst my policies and the people of France certainly deserve an opportunity to be liberated from the slavery and consistent blackmailing imposed by the authorities in Brussels. It is necessary that France should once again become a sovereign country’. In an interview given to a Greek newspaper, Pen not only hinted at improving relations with Russia but also criticized the NATO.

Priority to 'Frexit' once elected as the President - Marine Le Pen

The leader of France’s far-right party, ‘Front National, Marine Le Pen, has emerged as a prominent candidate for the post of President in the last few months. Against the backdrop of ‘Brexit‘, ‘the election of Donald Trump in the US’ and the terrorist attack in Berlin, the support garnered by Pen has also come to the fore. Having taken an aggressive stance against the issues such as EU control, the migrants and the terrorist attacks, Le Pen. reiterated these points in her interview given to the Greek newspaper.

‘I strongly oppose the policies that are being imposed compelling Europe to allow entry to the migrants despite it being incapable to accept them. There should be awareness that Europe is unequipped to make appropriate opportunity and employment available to all the migrants arriving. Post entering Europe the migrants who break the laws are illegal and should be sent back’, warned the French leader.

Priority to 'Frexit' once elected as the President - Marine Le Pen

Le Pen claimed NATO of being an old and obsolete organisation and also criticized that NATO was not at all required post the Cold War period. The leader of the Front National claimed NATO of being of no use by stating ‘NATO was established to face dangers like the Warsaw Pact and the expansion of the Soviet Union. However presently neither the Warsaw Pact nor the Soviet Union exist and currently NATO is maintaining its existence only to fulfil the goals of the US in Europe’

Earlier during the Presidential elections, Donald Trump too had caused a stir by making a statement on the non requirement of NATO. A few political leaders in Britain had also criticized NATO by calling it as an obsolete organisation. An increase in the feeling of displeasure against the NATO amongst a few member nations of the Europe has also come to the fore. The analysts and experts are claiming the arrangement of an independent army by the EU as an attempt only to raise an alternative for the ‘NATO’.

Against this backdrop, by bringing this topic back on the forum , Marine Le Pen has caused a stir?

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