Pakistan Military threatens India

Islamabad: The Pakistan Army will retaliate fittingly if the Indian Army tries to trespass the Kashmir LOC. Hence, India should not dare to play with fire, warned Director General of Inter-Service Public Relations (DGISPR) of Pakistan Army, Major General Babar Iftikhar. But it is revealed that the Pakistan Army, who warned India to not play with fire are themselves playing with the fire of terrorism. As per the information disclosed, Pakistani ISI chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed secretly met the terrorist bases located at the POK border.   

India, Pakistan

 Furthermore, the Indian Army has already slain the militants operating in Jammu-Kashmir who were plotting another attack like the Pulwama. At the same time, the Army initiated the fire and ceased the militant intruders from crossing the POK line of control and enter India. Only two days ago, the news got published about Indian Army demolishing the Pakistani militant base. As this action was ongoing, the Union Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, however, has not denied the possibility of capturing the POK. Hence, extreme reactions have emerged from Pakistan on this matter.   

The Pakistani Army ISPR, Major General Babar Iftikhar, threatened India to not play with fire. Moreover, it is said that Major General Iftikhar has found that India is exhibiting its aggression at the Kashmir LOC to distract its citizens from the tension that is ongoing at the China border and also from the inability to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. But, General Iftikhar claimed that the Pakistani Army is all set to combat with the Indian military.   

 Meanwhile, a few days ago, news got published that the infamous Pakistan ISI agency chief visited the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir line, wherein he inspected the militant base. At the time, there happened a discussion between the ISI chief and the leader of the militant organisation. Thus, the claims about Pakistani Army chief conspiring against India in alliance with the militants is gaining credibility. Besides, India warns that it will not remain from retaliating if the terrorist attack happens on Jammu Kashmir. However, in such a circumstance, Pakistan has continued with its policy of encouraging terrorism. Furthermore, it seems like it is the one who is playing with the fire, but somehow it has managed India of the same. 


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