India proposes returning the corpses of the Pakistani soldiers, no response from Pakistan

New Delhi/Islamabad: Indian has proposed that Pakistan military should collect the dead bodies of the soldiers, waving a white flag. Five to seven members of Pakistan’s Border Action Team were killed in an attack by the Indian army. Although the Indian military has shown the generosity of allowing the Pakistan military to collect the bodies of their soldiers, Pakistan has dismissed the claim of intrusion. Therefore, Pakistan seems to be unwilling to accept the dead bodies of their soldiers, just like after the Kargil war.

India proposes returning the corpses of the Pakistani soldiers, no response from PakistanFive to seven Pakistani soldiers intruded in the Keran sector on the Line of Control, on 31st of July. These were members of Pakistan’s Border Action Team (BAT), and the unit generally is a mix of terrorist along with the Pakistani soldiers. But the alert Indian army launched a crushing attack on these intruders killing all of them. The bodies of the Pakistani soldiers are lying at the same locations ever since. Indian army proposed to return the bodies to Pakistan. The Indian army suggested that the Pakistan military should come waving a white flag and collect the bodies.

The Pakistan military has not responded to the proposal. The Pakistan military is refuting the Indian claim of intrusion by the Pakistan military. But the photographs of these BAT soldiers have been circulated on the social media exposing the Pakistani lie. But Major General Asif Ghafoor, the spokesman of the Pakistan military made allegations against the Indian army dismissing these claims. Ghafoor said that this is a part of the Indian publicity campaign. Ghafoor claimed that India is doing all this to divert the attention of the world from the developments in Kashmir.

Meanwhile, Pakistan military accused India of using cluster bombs. The Indian diplomats also were issued a summons in the matter. India has dismissed the Pakistani claims.

Bofors guns fire on the Line of Control

India proposes returning the corpses of the Pakistani soldiers, no response from PakistanPakistan military is resorting to gunfire on the Line of Control to facilitate infiltration. But the alert Indian soldiers are foiling the efforts of the Pakistan military. As per information, the Indian military is using the Bofors guns to stop this infiltration. Claims were made in the media that the attack by the Indian military, in which BAT soldiers were killed, was carried out using the Bofors gun.

The Bofors guns are also being used to target the Pakistan military posts, and locations in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The sources in the Indian military revealed this information. Indian military started firing the Bofors gun on the Line of Control after the Pulwama terrorist attack. The Bofors guns are once again being fired to teach a lesson to the Pakistan military. The Indian army had very effectively used Bofors guns during the Kargil war in 1999.


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