Pakistan is pushing Coronavirus infected people into India, accuses Indian military official  

New Delhi: Lieutenant General B.S. Raju has accused Pakistan of trying to push Coronavirus infected people across the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu-Kashmir under cover of cross border firing. Earlier as well, reports had surfaced of Pakistan using the Coronavirus pandemic against India. However, Pakistan has refuted India’s accusations.  

Since the last few days, the activities of the Pakistan military at the LoC have significantly increased, and fierce encounters were reported in the area. During the clashes, the Indian army killed five terrorists, trying to infiltrate into India. At the same time, five soldiers of the Indian military were also martyred in the battle. Nevertheless, 15 Pakistani soldiers and seven terrorists were killed in the retaliatory attacks the Indian army had carried out.  

While Pakistan is indulging into terrorist activities against India, reports revealed that Pakistan was also trying to use the COVID-19 pandemic against India. Pakistan is hatching a lethal conspiracy of pushing some Coronavirus patients into Kashmir to spread the pandemic in the region. As per reports, Pakistan was trying to push Coronavirus patients into India through the open Indo-Nepal border. The Pakistani activities are being termed as ‘COVID Terrorism’. Also, Lt Gen Raju retorted to Pakistan that the country should give up such activities and improve its behaviour so that both the countries can stage a joint fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the advice appears to have severely offended Pakistan. The Pakistani military has replied to the allegations and claimed that they were baseless. 

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