170 districts turn into Hot Spots in the country, 14 districts from Maharashtra

New Delhi: – On the very first day of the second stage of Coronavirus pandemic in the country, the number of cases has increased significantly. The number of deaths reported was 392 and the total number of cases has surged to 12,000. Luv Agrawal, the Joint Secretary in the health department, said that the government is making all the possible efforts to break the chain of transmission and lockdown and Social Distancing are the most important factors for this. Agrawal also informed that the districts in the country have been classified into three categories and 170 districts in the country have been categorised as Red Zones. Out of these 14 districts are from Maharashtra.

In 24 hours between Tuesday and Wednesday, 1,118 new Coronavirus cases were reported from around the country. This has taken the total number of cases in the country to 11,933. 232 new cases were reported from Maharashtra on Wednesday, bringing the total number of cases to 2,916. Of these 1,936 cases have been reported from only Mumbai. The number of cases in Mumbai is consistently rising and 216 suspected cases with similar symptoms, were found in Mumbai, on Wednesday. Therefore, the number of patients undergoing treatment for suspected Coronavirus infection has crossed 5,300, in the state.

The states of Delhi and Tamil Nadu have become the Hot Spots for Coronavirus, following Maharashtra, with a high number of cases. As per the information given by Luv Agrawal, the Joint Secretary in the health department, the districts have been classified based on the number of cases as, Hot Spots of Coronavirus, districts with Coronavirus cases but not Hot Spots and districts devoid of Coronavirus cases. The logic behind the classifications is that this will enable the government to concentrate on the Hot Spot districts. Of the 170 Hot Spot districts, in 123 districts the cases are found in all the areas, whereas in 47 districts cases have been restricted only to certain areas. Agrawal said that these districts are from 25 states and union territories.

The maximum number of Hot Spot districts is in Tamil Nadu. 22 districts from this state have been classified as Hot Spot. 14 districts each from Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and 11 from Rajasthan feature in the list of Hot Spot districts. Agrawal informed that 9 each from Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, 8 from Telangana and 6 from Kerala have been classified as Hot Spot districts. There are 207 districts classified as Non-Hot Spot.

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