In the next 30 years robots would become company CEOs, predicts renowned Chinese Entrepreneur Jack Ma

Beijing : There exists a possibility that in 30 years the cover page of the Time Magazine may feature a picture of a robot for the best CEO. A robot can memorize much more than us; he can do calculations much faster than us and he does not get angry  with  his competitors; with  these words the world’s leading Chinese entrepreneur ‘Jack Ma’ gave indications of the future risks. He further indicated that during this phase, the world would be experiencing more pain than joy. Two months ago, at  the ‘World Government Summit’ held in Dubai, renowned entrepreneur ‘Elon Musk’ had predicted that of the total manpower operational in the world over 15 percent  of employment might be taken away by hyper lip robots.

At an event organized by the  ‘China Entrepreneur Club’ in China, ‘Jack Ma’ pointed out at  the rapid spread of artificial intelligence and robotic technology. The Chinese entrepreneur indicated that at the moment a huge pool of data is being generated worldwide. It is impossible for the human brain to store this massive data. A technology like the artificial intelligence is required to process this data. However, technology could be avoided at those times, when a human is capable of handling  it.

‘Jack Ma’ further advised that technological sector should manufacture machines for performing tasks which cannot be done by humans. Machines may then be looked upon as assistants to humankind than as competitors. He pointed out that technology like the artificial intelligence may increase a human’s life span, but at the same time reduce the number of employment availability. He made a prediction that in the  coming years robots could be seen working as CEOs of big companies. He cautioned however, that industries which fail  to get connected with the  internet might face problems in future. 

‘Jack Ma’ tried to acquaint of the dangers in the coming years. In the decades ahead, human society may experience more pain than happiness. As humans will have to face new challenges, the quantum  of suffering seems to be far more. Social conflicts will leave an impact on every aspect of  a person’s life. He suggested emphasis on educational improvement for all the countries in the world.

The current pattern of imparting  education needs a revolutionary improvement. Henceforth, it will be necessary to incorporate lessons on  how to behave with robots. Only this could soften the shocks of an economic system dependent on advanced technology and internet, claimed the Chinese entrepreneur ‘Jack Ma’.

Two prominent reports published in US and UK last month, gave indications of the impact of robots and artificial intelligence technologies on employments. According to the report published by the ‘National Bureau of Economic Research’ of US it is indicated that one robot will make six workers lose their jobs and reduce three quarters of the salary. While the report published by ‘PWC’ in UK has expressed concern that by the  year 2030, 30% of the jobs in UK would be handled by robots and artificial intelligence technologies.

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