Will never retreat on the Mexico Wall issue; warns President Trump

Third World WarWashington: President Trump has issued a stern warning that only drones and sensors are not enough for the security of the Mexican border. If we want to stop the illegal immigrants, only a wall made of steel and concrete can serve the purpose to stop them. The Mexico Wall is necessary for the security of the United States, and I will never retreat on the issue. While President Trump is presenting his adamant stand regarding the Mexico Wall, the US defence department has decided to continue with the military deployment on the Mexican border till September.

Donald Trump has adopted a very aggressive stance regarding the Mexico Wall and has ignored the appeals from the Democrat party as well as the members of his party. The shutdown started because of the opposition of the Democrat party to President Trump’s stand, is continuing and has completed 25 days. The Republican Party of the President and the Democrat party have presented bills to avoid the shutdown temporarily. But they could not progress because of the complete refusal for a compromise by President Trump.

mexico wall issue, trump, usAt the same time, President Trump has reassured the US people to continue with the resistance for their security, while warning that he will not compromise on the Mexico Wall issue. Trump has tried to convince the people,that his stand on the Mexico Wall is factualthrough the information he has given on the social media. He has also referred to the article written by a senior statesman and analyst Patrick Buchanan.

Trump pointed to the crime at the Mexican border, based on this information given in the Buchanan article ‘In the last two years, the US agencies have arrested 266,000 immigrants with a criminal background. Outof them, 100,000 are accused of violent attacks, 30,000 are accused of sexual atrocities, and 4,000 are accused of murder.’

President Trump criticised that various US leaders of the past made promises regarding issues like security, trade and NATO, but never did anything. I am fighting to fulfil the promises made to the people of the United States and assured that he would continue the resistance for the welfare of the US people.

The aggressive stand of President Trump regarding the Mexico Wall has received an impetus from the US defence department. The US military headquarters, Pentagon informed that period of deployment of the US military at the Mexican border had been extended and that the army units deployed will remain stationed there till September.

Last year in October, thousands of US soldiers were deployed near the Mexican border under orders from President Trump. Currently, there are nearly 2,000 soldiers deployed at the Mexican border, and they have been given the assignment to build a wire fencing, surveillance and security. The sources informed that Security cameras and airplanes are being used for surveillance.

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