More than 650,000 Coronavirus cases in the city of Lahore in Pakistan, shocking report exposed in Pakistani media

Islamabad: – Coronavirus has claimed 1,439 lives and there are 77,836 cases in Pakistan. But there has been a horrible revelation that there are more than 650,000 Coronavirus cases in Lahore alone. The Pakistani agencies and the government are trying to hide this outbreak. But the Pakistani doctors’ associations have warned that this will make the situation in Pakistan, worse than one in Italy. As per official information, there are just about 77,000 Coronavirus cases, in Pakistan. The discussions have started in the media that this information is incorrect and the Pakistan government is hiding a lot of facts regarding the pandemic. In this scenario, the Secretary in the health ministry, of the state of Punjab, claimed that there are more than 670,000 cases in Lahore, the capital city of Punjab province. This is noted in the report submitted by the Secretary to the Chief Minister.

Fear has gripped the Pakistan media, following this revelation. There is a large number of people having Coronavirus infection, without any signs and they are not going to the hospital for screening. The report notes that these people are responsible for the spread of the pandemic. This revelation has exposed the lie of the Pakistan government, regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, in the country. Pakistani leaders were bragging that Pakistan has ventilators but no patients of Coronavirus. But the reality is seemingly entirely different.

The opposition leaders in Pakistan as well as the supporter of Imran khan, are criticising ‘If Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, following the footsteps of India and the other countries, had declared a lockdown in time, Pakistan would not be in this situation. Instead, Imran Khan chose to neglect the warnings at that time.’ Doctors in Pakistan have made the people aware of the situation and have earnestly appealed to at least follow social distancing, henceforth. Although there is a grave situation in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan is still actively advocating his policies. Imran Khan claims that an emerging country like Pakistan cannot afford a lockdown. Therefore, despite an outburst of the pandemic, Imran Khan is not willing to impose a lockdown. The sane analysts and journalists have given a dejected reaction that therefore, Pakistan should be prepared for a horrible humanitarian crisis in the coming times.

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