PM Modi sends stern message to China, Pakistan from Longewala

New Delhi: “If anyone tries to provoke India, then they will receive a fierce reply. The entire world is troubled with the expansionist mindset. This expansionism shows the distorted mindset that belongs to the 18th century,” warned PM Modi hinting towards China without naming it. Moreover, this year, to celebrate Diwali with Indian soldiers, PM Modi chose Longewala post from where he also warned Pakistan. No power in this world can stop Indian soldiers from protecting their nation, asserted the Prime Minister.

PM Modi sternly warns China and Pakistan from LongewalaPM Modi celebrated Diwali with the Indian soldiers deployed at Longewala Post, situated in Jaisalmer at Pakistan border. The fierce India-Pakistan battle that happened in 1971 at Longewala post in Jaisalmer had changed the direction of the war. The unmatched valour shown by 120 Indian soldiers in this battle had forced Pakistani soldiers out of the battlefield. Besides, about 1,500 Pakistan soldiers and their 36 war tanks had proved to be futile before our brave Indian soldiers. The Indian soldiers, as they sacrificed their lives, had clenched the Pakistan army at the Longewala post through the night. Moreover, they also strategised and destroyed some Pakistani war tanks. This battle is counted among one of the prominent war-tank battles.

PM Modi visited the monument of soldiers who were martyred in the battle and paid his tributes to them. Also, he warned the enemy as he sat on the Indian army tank. He furthermore highlighted that India’s strength exists because of our soldiers. Hence, India can present its side on an international level. India will not compromise over its interests under any circumstances. Now, the whole world is aware of this fact. PM Modi underlined the country’s strength by asserting that India is a fierce voice against the distorted expansionist mindset that worries the world.

PM Modi sternly warns China and Pakistan from LongewalaMeanwhile, PM Modi also visited the Jaisalmer airbase following Longewala post and interacted with the air force soldiers. PM Modi also said the Indian army’s roar shivers the enemy and makes them sweat. The soldiers who protect the national borders are the nation’s strength. PM Modi affirmed that strength entrusts victory, and it helps the country maintain peace. He stated, during Diwali, ‘Shubh Labh’ is drawn in the form of Rangoli as a sign of auspicious occasion and prosperity. But our nation’s prosperity and good fortune lie in your bravery. This is the reason every Indian sings your glory. This is how PM Narendra Modi praised the Indian army.

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