Defence ministry approves new Defence Acquisition Policy, DAC sanctions purchase of 72,000 SIG Sauer Rifles for the Army

New Delhi: – The defence ministry has approved the new Defence Acquisition Policy (DAP). The new Defence Acquisition Policy will play an important role in the timely procurement of equipment for the defence forces. As per the new policy, the defence forces can acquire the equipment even on lease. This will reduce the time required in procuring the equipment. At the same time, the Defence Acquisition Committee presided over by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, sanctioned the purchase of 72,000 SIG Sauer Rifles from the United States.   

The defence ministry approved the new Defence Acquisition Policy on Monday. In the new policy, the offset term has been removed in government-to-government transactions. As per the offset term, the seller company of the defence equipment was obliged to invest 30% of the total deal value in the Indian manufacturing sector. As per the new DAP, the defence forces have been allowed to get specific equipment on lease. Transport aircraft also can be taken on a lease basis.   

It is claimed that this will reduce the time taken in the purchase of new equipment and the costs also will decrease. The new DAP has been designed in line with the Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India policies. An official from the defence ministry informed that the purchase process has been simplified further and the trade process also has been simplified. The policy also clarifies that the equipment manufactured in India must have an indigenous component of 50%. The defence purchase process was first started in 2002. There have been amendments to the process from time to time.   

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the Defence Acquisition Process 2020. Chiefs of all the three defence forces along with the Defence Chief Bipin Rawat were present at this time. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that the Defence Acquisition Process 2020 has been drafted with guidance and suggestions from the experts in the sector. A review committee also had been set up for this purpose.   

Meanwhile, the DAC meeting presided over by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh sanctioned defence purchases worth ₹22.90 billion. These include 72,000 SIG Sauer rifles for the military, and the deal will be worth ₹7.80 billion. These US-made rifles will replace the INSAS rifles, currently being used by the Army. The DAC also sanctioned the purchase of High-Frequency Radio Sets for the Army and Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon for the Navy and Air Force. 

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