Japan should prepare for ‘First Strike’ policy against North Korea, demand members of Japanese Parliament

Tokyo: Senior members of the National Diet i.e. the Japanese Parliament proposed that Japan, who up until now has adopted the self-defence policy, should take a step forward and seriously comtemplate over the alternative of ‘First Strike’. Also, while dangerous activities from its neighbouring countries are on the rise, Japan should prepare to be the first one to strike, prior to being attacked. This reaction arose from Japan after North Korea fired three ballistic missiles towards Japan.

After North Korea‘s missile launch, Japan has deployed the ‘Patriot PAC-3’ missile defence system. The US holds complete control over this system. The policy adopted by Japan after the second world war articulates for non-production, non-possession and non-introduction of such anti-missile systems, fighter planes or ballistic missiles. However, the Japanese leaders are demanding a change in this policy and preparation for ‘First Strike’. To support their demand, instances of missile launches by North Korea and China against Japan are being cited. China’s strongly disapproval is expected over these advances of Japan. Meanwhile, after North Korea’s ballistic missile tests, President Trump had announced that the US was fully committed to defending Japan and North Korea. It has been said that President Trump has discussed this situation with Prime Minister Abe.

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